Kristina (krima) wrote,


Stolen from everybody!

Some of them really fit but others are a little bit odd.

Opening Credits - Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton

Waking Up - Superman by R.E.M.

Falling in love - I'd do anything for Love by Meat Loaf

Fight Scene - Foolish by Ashanti

Breaking Up - Sadness Soot (Gilmore Girls Soundtrack) by Grant-Lee Phillips

Getting Back Together - Goodbye by Tracy Chapman

Friend Fight - Rosewood (Look Down, Lord) by John Williams

Life’s Okay - Minas Morgul (Return of the King soundtrack) by Howard Shore

Mental Breakdown - High, Flying Adored (from Evita) by Elaine Paige & David Essex

Driving Flashbacks - Blitzkrieg by Metallica

Partying - Massachusetts by Bee Gees

Happy Dance - Angel of Music, The Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack

Regretting - More of a Physical Being by The Remus Lupins

Long Night alone - Bring me to Life by Evanescence

Final Battle - Son of a Preacher Man by Janis Joplin

Death Scene - Bad Seed by Metallica

I'm gonna die to Metallica. LOL.
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